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    AntiJam? Desk Set with Remover and 3 hole punch
    B326-VP-VLT-BLK - AntiJam™ Desk Set with Remover and 3 hol
    AntiJam? Desk Set with Remover and 3 hole punch
    B326-VP-VLT-BLU - AntiJam™ Desk Set with Remover and 3 hol
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    B326-VP-VLT-RED - AntiJam™ Desk Set with Remover and 3 hole punch
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    Features and Benefits
    • The new velvet feature added to the B326 full strip stapler provides soft texture and is easy to grip
    • It has a contour that fits comfortably in your hand, easing the action of stapling
    • Color coordinating velvet fixed 3 hole punch
    • Color coordinating push style remover with magnetic staple pick up feature and soft grip pads
    • 1200 premium Bostitch staplers
    • 7 year warranty
      Stapler Features
    • Staples up to 20 sheets of paper
    • Soft velvety surface
    • No staple jams with AntiJam™ technology
      3 Hole Punch Features
    • Punches 10 sheets of 20 lb. paper
    • Easy operation
    • Removable no-slip chip tray
      Stapler Remover Features
    • Push style
    • Magnetic, staple pick-up
    • Remove staples with one smooth push
      Staple Features
    • Premium precision point staples
    • Staple up to 20 sheets of paper

    Product Details
    Height 9.84", 249.94mm
    Length 5.71", 145.03mm
    Width 1.57", 39.88mm
    Weight 0.79 lbs, 0.36 kilos
    Desktop Stapler Set
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