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    HurriQuake™ Nail Technology Delivers Rock-Solid Results Against Hurricane And Earthquake Conditions

    JUNE 1, 2006 – As news reports continue to predict a cluster of destructive hurricane seasons in the coming years, BOSTITCH responds with HurriQuake™; its most innovative nail design yet. Engineering Manager of Fastener Technology Dr. Ed Sutt said, “The HurriQuake™ nail can be described as a ‘smart nail’ … it knows how to withstand two very different types of destructive forces - uplift and shear - like no other nail. These forces account for the vast majority of structural damage during hurricanes and earthquakes.”

    According to Insurance Information Institute research, insured losses from the 2004 hurricane season are estimated at $18.8 billion ($22.9 billion including liability claims). In terms of property damage, this ranks above the 9/11 terrorist attacks as the most costly catastrophe in U.S. history. “The two million hurricane-related insurance claims from 2004, caused primarily by wind damage, might have been significantly lower if HurriQuake™ technology had been used in the original construction,” explained Dr. Sutt.

    Most wood frame construction fails at the fastening point, which is why a superior nail design is so critical to structural integrity. Two independent laboratory tests concluded that HurriQuake™ withstands uplift forces of over 271 pounds/square foot (depending on nail pattern and shank diameter). In essence, this offers up to twice the resistance to high wind conditions, also referred to as uplift capacity, when compared to standard sheathing nails.

    The HurriQuake™ nail features nearly a 25% larger head to produce a dramatic increase in holding power. This plays a key role in resisting the vacuum effect of uplift forces, which often causes standard nail heads to pull or tear through sheathing. Also, its unique shank design features aggressive ring geometry to reduce withdrawal failure. As a result, these high-tech nails are rated for hurricane wind conditions and gusts of up to 170 mph.

    Unlike other sheathing nails, HurriQuake™ has its own exclusive code report (ESR-2020). Because of its performance characteristics, the HurriQuake™ nail exceeds Miami-Dade county code, which is arguably one of the strictest construction codes in the country. As a result, the head of the nail is marked with either an “HQ1” or “HQ2” for easy identification during inspections.

    HurriQuake™ is versatile enough to battle another one of Mother Nature’s most destructive forces - an earthquake. Earthquakes, an altogether different type of structural force, create stress at an angle perpendicular to the nail (referred to as shear load). This explains why damaged structures sometimes droop or lean after earthquakes. Because of its improved shank design, the HurriQuake™ nail delivers up to 50% more resistance to earthquake conditions, thereby reducing the potential for major structural damage.

    Another enhancement includes a stiffer plastic collation formula that breaks away more effectively as the nail is driven. This reduces “flagging” (the collection of collation material under the nail head) for a cleaner, flush application of the next layer. This helps prevent the squeaky floors that often result from flagging and under-driven nails.

    HurriQuake™ touts high-quality carbon steel alloy construction to meet code requirements and exceed a bend yield of 100,000 psi. “The value proposition of this next generation nail is quite compelling.” said Dr. Sutt, “The additional cost to use HurriQuake™ nails on an average 2,000 square foot home is less than fifteen dollars. This is a small investment when you consider the fact that it may save thousands of dollars in the long run.”

    HurriQuake™ is a 21˚ plastic collated nail featuring two diameters: .113 (model number RH-S8DR113-HQ) and .131 (model number RH-S8DR131-HQ). The nails are compatible with the following pneumatic nailers: BOSTITCH (models N88RH and F21PL), Hitachi (model NR90AC3), Senco (Frame Pro 652 and 752XP), Porter-Cable (model FR350MAG), and RIDGID (model R350RHA).
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