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    Revolutionary PROZHOZE™ Makes Unwieldy Air Hoses A Thing of the Past

    June 29, 2005 – East Greenwich, RI – BOSTITCH announced today the launch of its new PROZHOZE™, an innovative lightweight air hose engineered to improve maneuverability and performance. Senior Global Product Manager Gary Blanchette said, “This product is a perfect example of why every manufacturer should take field research seriously. We put our end-users in the driver’s seat and they told us exactly what to design … a lighter air hose that glides around jobsite materials instead of sticking to them.”

    The revolutionary design of PROZHOZE™ delivers unmatched maneuverability without the all too frequent interruption of stuck or tangled hoses. Its raised rib geometry (patent pending) works in tandem with the hose’s lubricity to slide around baseboards, up staircases, and over cabinetry.

    BOSTITCH engineers didn’t stop there; PROZHOZE is 50% lighter than competitive hoses to lessen the load during overhead applications and prolonged use. Moreover, its rugged polyurethane construction is both chemical resistant as well as abrasion/puncture resistant. The non-marring PROZHOZE™ touts superior flexibility in extreme weather conditions. In fact, lab tests revealed that it maintains its flexibility between -40° and 180° Fahrenheit. The high-visibility safety yellow hose is translucent to provide a clear view of airline contaminants.

    Its unique snap-fit strain relief supports the hose where it needs reinforcement most – at the fitting connection point – to extend hose life and reduce repair cost. If the hose requires repair, BOSTITCH features reusable fittings so the user can perform field repairs in three simple steps. They are as follows: (1) unscrew the fitting; (2) cut hose to the appropriate length; and (3) insert the fitting into the hose and tighten. If the hose is damaged down towards the middle, BOSTITCH offers mending kits for reclaiming the hose with a two-way compression fitting with streamlined edges for snag-free routing throughout the jobsite.

    All hose configurations are currently available on the market. The 1/4" PROZHOZE™, which is ideal for roofing and trim applications, is sold in 50' lengths (model PRO-1450 sells for an approximate retail price of $39.99) as well as 100' lengths (model number PRO-14100 sells for an approximate retail price of $79.99). The 3/8" PROZHOZE™, which is ideal for framing applications, is sold in 50' lengths (PRO-3850 sells for an approximate retail price of $59.99) as well as 100' lengths (PRO - 38100 sells for an approximate retail price of $99.99). Available accessories include a mending kit for the 1/4" PROZHOZE™ (model number PRO-14REPAIR) and the mending kit for the 3/8" PROZHOZE™ (the model PRO-38REPAIR). Both kits are expected to sell for approximately $9.99.

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