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    Stanley-Bostitch Reinvents the Nail with the Sheather Plus™
    New Breakthrough Fastener Technology Improves Nail Performance and Builds Stronger Homes

    Stanley Bostitch introduces the Sheather Plus™, a premium performing sheathing fastener that delivers twice the uplift capacity and up to 50% more shear capacity than common sheathing nails. Patent pending Oversize Nail Head technology and patent pending “50-50” shank design enable Bostitch to deliver breakthrough technology to the professional building market.

    East Greenwich, R.I., June 1, 2002 – Stanley-Bostitch, a worldwide leader in fastening innovation and technology, announces the introduction of the Sheather Plus™ collated framing nail. The Sheather Plus™ framing nail features new patent pending technology that delivers 100% more uplift capacity and up to 50% more shear energy capacity than common sheathing nails. This new nail innovation is the first development in collated nails to deliver performance that is dramatically superior to other sheathing nails on the market. The Sheather Plus™ product is the first in a line of Bostitch® fastening innovations aimed at changing the way builders, engineers and architects value the performance of fasteners.

    “Up until now, there has been little innovation brought to the collated nail market. We’ve leveraged decades of experience in fastener Research + Development and developed a new line of world-class performing fasteners,” said Matt Garrett, Fastener Product Manager for Stanley-Bostitch. “The Sheather Plus™ product is the first in a family of higher performing fasteners dedicated to maximizing the strength and structural performance of a building.”

    Patent pending Oversize Nail Head technology gives the Sheather Plus™ nail its superior uplift capacity. Uplift is the force applied parallel to the nail shank causing plywood to be pulled from the frame structure. This phenomenon is most common during a hurricane, tornado or severe wind storm. The nail head has 30% more surface area than a typical collated sheathing nail.

    This larger surface area allows it to withstand 100% more uplift force than traditional sheathing nails. Additionally, the larger head surface area reduces the likelihood of overdriving the nail, which is a common violation of code requirements.

    The unique “50-50” shank design of the Sheather Plus™ nail is engineered to deliver best in class shear performance. The top 50% of the nail is smooth coated while the remaining 50% features aggressive rings, which optimize the shear plane area. Shear refers to the force applied perpendicular to the nail shank causing structural walls to collapse. This force is most prevalent during an earthquake. Shear walls that utilize the Sheather Plus™ increase the ultimate load strength by 20% and absorb up to 50% more shear energy.

    “This increased performance is most readily appreciated in the areas of the country that are susceptible to hurricane, tornado and earthquake forces,” said Garrett. “But increased structural performance is something that engineers, architects, builders and homeowners anywhere value.”

    Sheather Plus™ nails are available in a 21 degree plastic collation for both 2 ½ x .113 and 2 ½ x .131 sizes. Individual nails have a bend yield greater than or equal to 100,000 PSI. Bostitch® Sheather Plus™ nails are engineered to fit most round head framing nailers including the Bostitch® N88RH, Hitachi® NR90AC, Senco® Framepro 700XLFRH, and Porter Cable® FR350MAG. Sheather Plus™ nails can be found at Stanley-Bostitch dealers and have a suggested retail price of $55 for a box of 5,000 fasteners.

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