Frequently Asked Questions

    Please see the attached SDS (MSDS) for the Winter Oil used in Bostitch, DEWALT, and Porter Cable nailers and pneumatic tools.
    This is used for both the 4 oz and the 20oz.
  • My pneumatic tools become sluggish and skip in cold weather. What's wrong?
    When pneumatic nailers and staplers become sluggish in colder weather, it is almost always as a result of moisture / water in the tools that can cause icing, especially in the head valve area. Outside temperatures as high as 50 degrees F can cause freezing conditions in the heads of the tools in high speed applications.

    Bostitch provides a winter lubricant, part number WINTEROIL-20oz and WINTEROIL-4oz, that can be purchased at an Authorized Warranty Service Center in your area or ordered on our website. This lubricant is to be used to replace your everyday lubricant only during the colder months. This lubricant acts like anti-freeze inside the nailer. WINTEROIL is not to be used in the air lines; it should be put directly into the air tool at the air fitting at the same rate as normal lubricating oil.

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