BOSTITCH® Fasteners are engineered and rigorously tested to ensure optimal performance in residential, and commercial applications. Our nails and staples are designed with quality material to be strong and durable.

BOSTITCH is actively working with the engineering community and...

The evaluation services (ICC-Evaluation Service and IAPMO-Evaluation Service) have issued six reports on the engineering performance and building code compliance of BOSTITCH fasteners. The evaluation reports are available from the ICC-Evaluation Service and IAPMO-Evaluation Service and they are provided here for your convenience.

BOSTITCH® framing nails are built of galvanized or stainless steel for toughness and durability. Available in a large variety of sizes.

BOSTITCH® 16, 15, & 18 gauge finishing nails feature a smooth shank design and are ideal for carpentry jobs including paneling, molding, and attaching trim.

15 Deg Coil .75x.120 Smth Gal Roofing, 7200 ea 3/4 away view.

BOSTITCH® offers 15-degree coil roofing and siding nails with various sizes, finishes, point, and shank types for the professional's fastening needs.

8G 18 GA, 1.38", 7/32 Crown SX Staple, Gal, 3000 ea 3/4 away view."

Flooring cleats are ideal for securing hardwood to subfloors. BOSTITCH® flooring cleats are "L" shaped in 1.5 and 2 inch sizes and 1,000 cleats per pack.