Frequently Asked Questions

  • MSDS for Short Yellow Gas Fuel Cell (9B12062R)
    Please see the attachment below for the Material Safety and Data Sheet on this item.
  • Why is there an expiration date on the gas fuel for my cordless tools?
    There is an expiration date on the gas cylinders used with Bostitch Cordless Nailers that can be found at the top, just below the cap.

    When a cylinder reaches this expiration date, it can lose effectiveness and pressure.
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  • Are there any changes in the 9B12062R?
    Yes, all fuels cells have a cap for the purposes of distribution that must be removed, and then install the metering valve. In the old style the cap was white/translucent and was obvious. The new cap is black, and the same color of the metering valve, and not very obvious. Please see the instructions on how to remove the new cap.

    Attached are pictures. 
  • My New Fuel Cell for My Bostitch Gas Fired Nailer Won't Fit Correctly
    For shipping of your fuel cells, Bostitch made a modification to the cap which adds a part to be discarded before use. Follow the directions below to see how to remove the safety cap:

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