Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Bostitch nails are used in the GFN1664K?
    The 16 gauge straight finish nails for the GFN1664K are the Bostitch SB16 series nails.  These are available in various lengths from 1” to 2-1/2”. These are the same nails that are used in other Bostitch finish nailers SB-1664FN, FN16250, and FN1664.  To view a complete listing of the nails in this series please click here to visit our Bostitch website. 
  • What types of trigger can the SB-1664FN use?
    The SB-1664FN nailer can only use the sequential trigger. The nailer was not designed for the contact type trigger.
  • Do you have an MSDS for the Magnalube Teflon grease used in your Nailers?
    This teflon grease is used in many of our nailers. Please check the attached list or your parts breakdown you can search here to assure yours is on it:


  • Common O ring kits and trigger valve kits for Bostitch tools
    Please see attachment for common O ring kits (ORK) and trigger valve kits (TVA) for Bostitch tools.