Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does the term "Low Fastener Lockout" mean?
    Many of the Bostitch finish tools now feature a Low Fastener Lockout. This is a mechanism that will lock out the trip actuation system so that the tool will not cycle when it is almost out of fasteners. It reminds the operator to load more fasteners so that he/she does not drive blanks and just leave empty holes in the wood.
  • What is the rebuild kit number for the Bostitch model BT1855K?
    The model number for the rebuild kit for the BT1855K is the BT55/SX38-RK.  Please click here to view our Bostitch ServiceNet website to purchase this item.
  • Do you have an MSDS for the Magnalube Teflon grease used in your Nailers?
    This teflon grease is used in many of our nailers. Please check the attached list or your parts breakdown you can search here to assure yours is on it:


  • Common O ring kits and trigger valve kits for Bostitch tools
    Please see attachment for common O ring kits (ORK) and trigger valve kits (TVA) for Bostitch tools.
  • Can I control how deep my BT1855K brad nailer drives the brad?
    Yes, the tool has a Dial-A-Depth fastener control feature. The fastener control adjustment allows from flush to work surface to shallow or deep countersink.

    The DIAL-A-DEPTH™ Fastener control adjustment feature provides close control of the fastener drive depth: from flush with the work surface to shallow or deep countersink.

    First set the air pressure for consistent drive in the specific work as described
    on page 4, then use the DIAL-A-DEPTH™ fastener control adjustment to give the desired depth of drive.

    See attached for further instructions.

  • The Bostitch model BT1855K brad nailer advertises a Selectable Trigger System. What does this mean?
    The Selectable Trigger System allows the operator to choose between two different modes of actuation with the twist of a selector switch. 1) Sequential Trip Actuation: This mode requires the operator to hold the tool onto the work surface before pulling the trigger. This makes accurate fastener placement easier. It allows exact fastener location without the possibility of driving a second fastener on recoil. 2) Contact Trip Actuation: This mode allows the operator to contact the work surface to actuate the trip mechanism while keeping the trigger pulled, thus driving a fastener each time the work surface is contacted. This will allow rapid fastener placement. BT1855K owners should carefully read the Tool Operation and Trip Operation Modes section of the Operation and Maintenance Manual before operating this tool.
  • Will I harm my oil-less tools by putting oil in them?
    Lubricating our oil-less line of tools will not cause harm unless a corrosive/detergent is used. Always refer to your operation and maintenance manual for proper care and safe use of your tool.
  • What is the trigger valve kit number for the Bostitch model BT1855K brad nailer?
    The trigger valve kit # is TVA15.
  • Common no mar tips/foot tips/safety pads for Bostitch nailers
    Please see attachment for common no mar tips for Bostitch nailers.  These are sometimes called safety pads or foot tips.  These are small plastic tips that prevent marring of the wood when using a pneumatic nailer.
  • Can I purchase replacement no-mar tips for my Bostitch model BT1855K brad nailer?
    Yes, order part # 179760.
  • Can I purchase a new carry case for my Bostitch model BT1855K brad nailer?
    Yes, order part # 180583.
  • Can oil be added to the oil free nailers and will this harm the nailer in any way?
    Oil doesn’t harm the nailers. We test for this. When adding oil to the nailer however you end up with oil coming out of the exhaust which is what oil-free tools prevent. 

    Automatic oilers are fine but you need to watch the oiling rate and potential buildup in the tool as it’s at the end of the line. Oil can also rob the system of air volume and flow if it builds up causing reduced power, sluggish cycles, and potential skipping. 

    Just make sure when you finish with the nailer, you unplug the tool daily to expel oil and to monitor the oiling rate of the system. 
  • I just purchased a Bostitch model BT1855K brad nailer. The trigger is stuck and will not move. What is wrong?
    This tool is equipped with a trigger lockout to lock the trigger for safety. To release it, depress the button on the right hand side of the frame just above the trigger. To activate the trigger lock, depress the same button from the left side of the frame.