Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you have an MSDS for the Magnalube Teflon grease used in your Nailers?
    This teflon grease is used in many of our nailers. Please check the attached list or your parts breakdown you can search here to assure yours is on it:


  • Common O ring kits and trigger valve kits for Bostitch tools
    Please see attachment for common O ring kits (ORK) and trigger valve kits (TVA) for Bostitch tools.
  • How often should I oil my pneumatic tools? Can I add too much?
    For the professional that uses the tools every day, the tool should have oil added daily. Just a drop or two a day will assure that the oil keeps the internal components moist and well lubricated.

    Too much oil can cause some feeding problems due to the pooling of excess oil in air ports and chambers. This will create worse problems in cold weather because the oil will naturally thicken a bit, slowing the reaction of the moving parts. If you suspect that too much oil is in the tool, prop the tool up with the air fitting pointing downward and allow excess oil to drain into an oil pan. This is usually enough to allow the tool to cycle smoothly again. Avoid oiling for a few days when this action has been taken. Keep in mind that too much oil is far better than not enough. Dry tools can cause many malfunctions and can cause component damage.
  • What is the difference between the TVA6 and the TVA11 replacement trigger valve assemblies?
    The TVA11 has a longer valve stem than the TVA6.  The TVA11 can be identified by the black color of the stem while the TVA6 is a plain steel color.  Please click here to visit our Bostitch ServiceNet website to purchase either of these parts online. 

  • What are the differences between the F21PL and F21PL2 nailers?

    The only difference is that the F21PL2 kit does not come with the Metal Connector Nailer nose. 

  • What nails fit or can be used for F21PL/F21PL2 nailer?


    - with standard framing contact arm installed: Uses a 21° plastic collated full round head stick nails, in lengths

    of 2” to 3-1/2” (50-90mm) and shank diameters of .113” to .162” (2.8 - 4.1mm)

    - (Included with F21PL ONLY) with metal connector attachment installed: Uses a 23° plastic collated full round

    head metal connector nails, in lengths of 1-1/2” and 2-1/2” (38 - 64mm) and shank diameters of .131”, .148”

    and .162”.

    - MCN-KIT3 must be purchased separately for the F21PL2 to be used for fastening metal connectors.

    NOTE: Use only one stick of metal connector nails at a time

  • Can the LPF21PL and LPF33PT be used for metal connector applications?
    The LPF21PL and LPF33PT cannot be adapted for metal connectors.  The F21PL and F33PT are the versions of these framing nailers that can be adapted to use metal connector nails.
  • Where can I find instructions on the Bostitch MCN-KIT2?
    Please see attachment.