Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a replacement mallet for the MIIIFS Flooring Stapler?
    Yes, the HFM-3 (45 Oz.) or HFM-4 (59 Oz.) are the mallets sold separately.
  • What is the part number for the short handle for the Bostitch MIII flooring tools?
    The part number for the short handle for the Bostitch MIIIFN and MIIIFS is BC1297.
  • What is included in the Bostitch® ORK6 O-Ring maintenance kit for MIIIFS/MIIIFN?
    The Bostitch ORK6 O ring kit  includes the following:
    1 851885 O-RING REMOVAL TOOL
    2 100653 LUBE (2cc)
    3 UA2810 SCREW
    1 189966 LOCKTITE 242 PACKET
    1 850626 O-RING
    1 850143 O-RING
    1 850144 O-RING
    1 86458 O-RING
    2 88998 O-RING
    1 88999 O-RING
    1 87251 O-RING
    1 86314 O-RING
    1 86460 O-RING
    1 BC1329 GASKET

    Please see the attachment for instruction sheet
  • How many staples will I need to buy for the MIIIFS stapler to install hardwood flooring in an average room?
    The fasteners used in the MIIIFS flooring stapler are the BCS1512 (1-1/2") or the BCS1516 (2").

    Approximately 1,000 staples are required for every 200 square feet of 2-1/4" width flooring.
  • Can I use the MIII Flooring tools to install 1/2" or greater laminated (engineered) tongue and groove hardwood floors?
    No, Stanley-Bostitch does not recommend this as the fasteners for both the MIIIFS and MIIIFN are too large to be driven into the plywood tongue of laminated flooring. The large size can damage the tongue and may also de-laminate the upper layers of the flooring causing dimpling of the finished product.  However, some laminate flooring manufacturers have tested the MIII tools and have determined that they may be used on their products. Please contact your flooring manufacturer to dertermine the maximum size/gage fastener that they recommend.

  • The MIII Flooring tools now include a large foot assembly designed to protect pre-finished flooring products. Can I purchase this part to upgrade an older model MIII?
    Any MIIIFS or MIIIFN flooring tool, regardless of age, can be upgraded with the pre-finished flooring kit # MIIIFOOT-KIT.
  • How can I convert a MIIIFS floor stapler to MIIIFN floor nailer with the conversion kit?
    The MIIIFN-KIT is used to convert the MIIIFS (floor stapler) to MIIIFN (floor nailer) Attached are the instructions for the conversion kit. 
  • Where can I find spacers for the Bostitch MIIIFS flooring stapler?
    Please see part numbers below:

    Part #

    105055 -  to be used for 3/4" flooring

    105056 -  to be used for 1/2" flooring

    9R189876 -  to be used for 5/8" flooring

    These can be ordered online at this link;

  • What size pipe threads are on Bosttch tools to accommodate my air fittings?
    Every Bostitch model tool accepts 1/4" pipe thread, with the exception of the models MIIIFS and MIIIFN. These older design flooring tools require a 3/8" pipe thread.
  • Some of the internal components of the MIII tools are difficult to disassemble. Are there any special tools for these models?
    Yes. The MIIIFS and MIIIFN flooring tools have a piston wrench available. This can be ordered as part number BC1009. The MIII812CNCT concrete nailers will use the BC1009 as well, and a wrench, part number BC855 that will aide in removing the poppet screws. These wrenches can be ordered individually and are also included in the MIIISK repair kit.  To order these parts please click on this link to visit our Bostitch ServiceNet website. 
  • I own the MIIIFS flooring stapler, but I want to use flooring cleats.
    Bostitch provides a conversion kit, part # MIIIFN-KIT that provides all of the parts necessary for this conversion. The tool will then drive the Bostitch FLN-150 and FLN-200 flooring cleats.